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Чистый убыток Tesla в минувшем квартале превысил $700 млн, компания рассчитывает снова стать прибыльной в третьем квартале

Компания Tesla, производящая электромобили, сегодня отчиталась за первый квартал 2019 финансового года, завершившийся для нее 31 марта. Как и ожидалось, после двух прибыльных кварталов подряд в 2018 году компания Илона Маска снова стала убыточной. Собс…


Tesla Model 3 Demand Mystery, Tesla Model 3 Avalanche In Switzerland, Tesla Model Y Design — CleanTechnica Top 30

From the Tesla Model 3 demand mystery, to a Tesla Model 3 avalanche in Switzerland, to an exploration of Tesla Model Y design, the most popular CleanTechnica articles last week included a variety of original Tesla explorations. Top articles also covere…


How Your Tesla Is Learning To Drive Itself

If AIs can win at Jeopardy! and beat human champions at popular video games, how hard can it be for them to learn to drive


Tesla Model 3 Avalanche (German Edition)

After a great start of the year, the German plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) market continued on the right track in March, up 42% year over year (YoY) to 9,677 registrations. Fully electric vehicles (BEVs) grew at a fast pace (+75% YoY), while plug-in hy…


Tesla’s Seat Heaven — Home Of Tesla’s Cloud-Like Seats

If you’ve ever ridden in a Tesla vehicle featuring the company’s white vegan leather seats, you were surely impressed. They’re as soft as a cloud. They’re as white as Conan O’Brien’s grandma (I assume). Beyond the smooth surface, they’re so cushy you f…


Will Tesla’s Leasing Program Disrupt The Ride-Sharing Market?

Tesla has been leading its customers through a merry little dance lately, shuffling its vehicle lineup around and raising and lowering prices. Buried among all the recent repricings is an announcement that has attracted little attention, but that offer…