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Arizona Unlocks Solar Rooftop Regulations

Arizona has finally begun to loosen the regulatory shackles from solar hopefuls in the state, proposing new rules for installing solar, energy storage, and other clean energy systems. The Arizona Corporate Commission (ACC) filed a draft rulemaking on J…


India Cuts Implementation Timelines For Solar Power Projects

Concerned over the lackluster pace of capacity addition in the solar power sector, the Indian government has made amendments to the auction and project implementation timelines. The recent amendments to the policies would result in much quicker impleme…


Gulf Cooperation Council Expected To Install 7 Gigawatts Of Renewables By Early-2020s

Countries from the Gulf Cooperation Council are expected to install almost 7 gigawatts (GW) of new power generation capacity from renewable energy sources by the early 2020s, according to a new report published by the International Renewable Energy Age…


The Rooftop Solar “Neighborhood Effect” Transforms Florida Community

Rich Blair of Venice, Florida signed up for a Tesla rooftop solar and Powerwall system a year ago. Since then, 6 of his neighbors have also gotten rooftop solar systems from Tesla. Blair says after he went to his local Tesla store, the process was simp…


Mainstream Media Has Short-Term Memory Of A Goldfish, Reposts Same FUD Up To 10 Times — #Pravduh About #Tesla Report 20

This week might be one of the worst FUD repost weeks since Elon’s Weedgate FUD catastrophe. Tesla announced at the end of the week that it will be cutting 7% of its workforce


Gas Cars = More Human Death

A recent news item — €70 Billion A Year In EU Health Damage Caused By Vehicle Emissions — reminded me of the following article, which is a piece I wrote in 2016 to try to more directly communicate the issue to people. Initially, the opening line below …


What Changed In The Solar & Energy Storage Industries In 2018?

I started covering the solar energy industry seriously in 2009. It seemed like a hopping, exciting time in the industry — growth was exploding. I remember one early story in which readers admonished me a little because I put «Solar Power Exploding» in …