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Liveblog: Tesla Q1 2019 Earnings Call

Tesla announced its earnings for the first quarter of 2019 with its usual letter that summarizes the financial milestones hit and missed throughout the quarter. The highlight of Q1 2019 is clearly the fact that Tesla was not profitable for the first qu…


Tesla Model 3 Demand Mystery, Tesla Model 3 Avalanche In Switzerland, Tesla Model Y Design — CleanTechnica Top 30

From the Tesla Model 3 demand mystery, to a Tesla Model 3 avalanche in Switzerland, to an exploration of Tesla Model Y design, the most popular CleanTechnica articles last week included a variety of original Tesla explorations. Top articles also covere…


How Your Tesla Is Learning To Drive Itself

If AIs can win at Jeopardy! and beat human champions at popular video games, how hard can it be for them to learn to drive


Can Tesla Pull Ahead Of The Industry And Deliver Full Self-Driving Cars Next Year?

In this article, I will examine the claims that Tesla made at its Tesla Autonomy Day on April 22. Although I’m a small investor in Tesla and undoubtedly a fan of the company and its cars, I’ll try to be as objective as I can be and show where Tesla’s c…


Watch Tesla’s Q1 2019 Earnings Call Live On CleanTechnica TV!

The first quarter of 2019 was a tumultuous quarter for Tesla, with the company launching international deliveries of the Model 3 in China and Europe. Back at home, Tesla launched its new $35,000 Standard Range Model 3 in the United States, along with a…


Will Tesla’s Leasing Program Disrupt The Ride-Sharing Market?

Tesla has been leading its customers through a merry little dance lately, shuffling its vehicle lineup around and raising and lowering prices. Buried among all the recent repricings is an announcement that has attracted little attention, but that offer…