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Make Every Day Earth Day — Join The Cleantech Revolution!

Happy day after Earth Day! We’ve been celebrating this semi-holiday dedicated to the planet we live on (and keeping it green and healthy for all of us) for 49 years now, and during that time, we’ve seen a lot of positive solutions put into place — and …


Are You Willing To Go To Jail To Protect The Earth From Climate Change?

Why do people who protest against climate change face going to jail while those causing climate change escape unpunished? When is civil disobedience required, if ever? With less than 12 years to go to reduce global carbon emissions to zero, being polit…


Bloomberg Philanthropies Commits Another $5.5 Million To United Nations Climate Change Secretariat

Michael R. Bloomberg, the United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Climate Action, three-term mayor of New York City, and founder of Bloomberg LP and Bloomberg Philanthropies, has committed $5.5 million to the United Nations Climate Change …


Some Good News For The US Nuclear Fleet & Renewables

Imagine a USA in which nuclear, wind and solar were cooperating as the natural allies that low-carbon generation sources should be given climate change


Carbon Capture’s Global Investment Would Have Been Better Spent On Wind & Solar

Each year we are building wind and solar capacity that will displace roughly 9,000 million tons of CO2, over 100 times the total global carbon capture history. IPCC reliance on carbon capture is misplaced