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Oops. 228K Danish Passports Have Swapped Fingerprint Data

In a big oops, over 200,000 Danish passports were printed with the users’ fingerprints mistakenly swapped between the left and right hand. Since October 2011, all new Danish passwords contain chips that store biometric data such as the owner’s digital photo, fingerprints, and signatures.   «The decision to introduce fingerprints in passports has been made at central level in the EU as part of the combat against terrorism, human trade, human trafficking, illegal immigration and other transnational crime. With the new biometric passport Danish citizens are secured the possibility to travel to countries which in the future will demand this type of passport for entry.» According to reporting by Danish media, the system used to embed the data incorrectly stored a passport owner’s left hand fingerprints as the right hand and vice versa. Kube Data, the company who encoded the biometric data on the passports, has told the media that they do not think this is an issue as only the Danish National Police have access to the decryption that unlocks this information.